Parables Of Christ

​                                                  2022                        


5. Labor Monday                                                                                          
​11. Clear Vision Baptist Church (Homecoming)------Statesville, NC--11:00 AM
11. Barker's Grove Baptist Church---------------------------Union Grove, NC--7:00 PM
18. HillSide Baptist Church (Homecoming)-------------------Hickory, NC--11:00 AM
18. Crossroads Baptist Church------------------------------------------Lenoir, NC--6:00 PM
25. Stoner's Grove Baptist Church (Homecoming)----Southmont, NC-10:30 AM
​      -------------------------------------Singing and Preaching---------------------------------------------


8. Central Baptist Church (Saturday Night) ---------------Hildebran, NC--6:00 PM
9. Sedge Garden Baptist Church-----------------------Winston Salem, NC--11:00 AM
​9. Mt Olivet UMC (Social Event- Ice Cream & Singing) -Concord, NC--3:30 PM
16. AM
​16. East Side FWB Church----------------------------------------------Concord, NC--6:00 PM
23. The Purpose Church------------------------------------------Taylorsville, NC--11:00 AM
23. Gloryland Baptist Church----------------------------------------Hildebran, NC--6:00 PM
30. Clermont FWB Church----------------------------------------Kannapolis, NC--10:30 AM
​30. Covenant Baptist Church-----------------------------------Granite Falls, NC--6:00 PM 


6. South China Grove Baptist Church---------------------China Grove, NC--11:00 PM
6. PM
12. Cornerstone Baptist Church (Saturday Night) -------------Aiken, SC--6:00 PM
13. Spring Hill Baptist Church--------------------------------Cottageville, SC--11:00 AM
13. Edisto Pentecostal Holiness-------------------------------Cottageville, SC--6:00 PM
20. Covered by Christ Ministries------------------------------Kannapolis, NC--11:00 AM
20. Mission of The Cross-------------------------------------------------Concord, NC--2:30 PM
24. Thanksgiving Day (Thursday)                                                                          

25. Christmas Day (SUNDAY)
​31. New Year's Eve Sing (SATURDAY) Salvation Army of Hickory, NC with             guest Soloist Brian Mauney 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  Address to church is             750 3rd Avenue Pl SE Hickory, NC 28602 off of exit 125.



​29. TBA--AM
29. Eastwood Forest Baptist Church---------------------------Matthews, NC--6:00 PM


26. Bethel Baptist Church-------------------------------------------Jefferson, SC--11:00 AM
26.​ PM

19. Guiding Light Baptist Church-----------------------------------Hickory, NC--11:00 AM
26. Bethlehem Baptist Church--------------------------------------Valdese, NC--11:00 AM
26. Zion Road Baptist Church-------------------------------------Morganton, NC--6:00 PM

​                                   APRIL

2. TBA--AM
2. PM
16. Second Chance Church--------------------------------------------Dobson, NC--10:30 AM
​16. PM
23. AM
23. PM
30. Fellowship Baptist Church------------------------Connelly Springs, NC--11:00 AM
​30. Prince of Peace FWB Church-------------------------------Kannapolis, NC--6:00 PM


14. MOTHER'S DAY (NO SING)                                                              
21. South Fork Baptist Church--------------------------------------Hickory, NC--11:00 AM
​21. PM


11. Harvestime Fellowship Church----------------------North Wilkesboro--11:00 AM
11. Barker's Grove Baptist Church--------------------------Union Grove, NC--7:00 PM

​                                    JULY

4. Independence Day (TUESDAY)
​23. Maranatha Baptist Church------------------------------Hamptonville, NC--11:00 AM
​23. PM


6. AM
6. PM
13. Living Hope Ministries---------------------------------------Gibsonville, NC--10:30 AM
13. Freedom Baptist Church---------------------------------------------Locust, NC--6:00 PM
20. Guiding Light Baptist Church---------------------------------Hickory, NC--11:00 AM
20. Grandview Park Baptist Church----------------------------------Lenoir, NC--7:00 PM
27. Bethlehem Baptist Church--------------------------------------Valdese, NC--11:00 AM
​27. PM


10. Ledford Grove Baptist Church------------------------------Lawndale, NC--11:00 AM  10. PM
​17. AM
17. Crossroads Baptist Church------------------------------------------Lenoir, NC--6:00 PM


1. Clear Vision Baptist Church (Homecoming )--------Statesville, NC--11:00 AM
1. PM
8. Woodleaf Baptist Church (Homecoming)----------------Woodleaf, NC--11:00 AM  
8. PM
15. Hillside Baptist Church (Pastor Appreciation) -------Hickory, NC--11:00 PM
15. PM
22. TBA--AM
22. PM
​29. Stoner's Grove Baptist Church---------------------------Southmont, NC--11:00 AM